No Intention to Move in the Near Future?
A Word on Traditional Home Inspections vs. “Preventative Home Care”

Traditionally, home inspections are performed at time of sale; however, opting to invest in periodic home inspections over the course of your home ownership can help you to tackle small problems before they become big ones.

This practice is much like taking your car to the mechanic to prevent problems from coming up.

Being proactive on learning about the health of your home has potential to prevent big headaches and even bigger drains on your finances long-term!

As a big believer in “Preventative Home Care,” I would be enthusiastic about carefully identifying problem areas in your home and educating you on the steps to resolve them.

I pride myself on being genuinely eager to save you money long term.

Purchasing a Newly-Built Home?

You likely have a New Home Owner’s Warranty, and wouldn’t it better to know about problems in your home before your warranty expires? Contrary to popular belief, newly-built homes frequently present problems a home inspector like myself can spot early for you.

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Whether you want to know more about the condition of a new home, old home, or mobile home, contact me for a thorough Home Inspection today. Thermal Inspections are part of my repertoire.


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